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Before You Start -

Please note: You cannot save your grant application part-way through the process and complete it later.

Please gather your information together before you begin entering contents into this on-line form. You may want to print this Web page out and put your answers together in a text editor (e.g. Word) so that you can Copy/Paste them into the form below. A draft application form in MSWord may be downloaded here.

As a reminder, this on-line application and accompanying files are required for you to apply for a grant from the Women’s Fund of Weld County:

Completing this Online Grant Application Form which includes:


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Describe Your Organization
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Attach 501C3 Documentation (required if you are a 501C3)
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How did you hear about the Women’s Fund of Weld County? *
Attended a Women's Fund Event
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General Request Information
Title of the Program or Project *
Amount Applied for (maximum $5000): *
If funded, check should be made payable to (and mailed to (if different than address above): *
List Name and Title of the key personnel that will be involved with this project. *
Provide a brief description of the proposed project/program and the issue(s) to be addressed. *
Did your organization receive funding for any project/program (not related to this year’s application) from the Women’s Fund of Weld County in the past year? *
History and Future Planning
When will this project/program Start? (NA' if Ongoing)
When will this project/program End? ('NA' if Ongoing)
If this is an ongoing program, please provide a brief description of the business plan for this program to become self-sustaining.
Has Women’s Fund of Weld County funded this specific project/program in the past? *
If Yes, What year(s) did Women’s Fund of Weld County provide funding for this project/program?
If yes, please attach your evaluation of the project/program from last year.
Impact of This Project/Program
List organizations you collaborate with and a brief description of the partnership with each organization for this project/program.
Select the age range of the women and girls your program will impact (select all that apply): *
Select the geographic region(s) of Weld County where the impacted participants of this program/project live (select all that apply) *
North Weld
South Weld
Provide the number of women and/or girls that will be impacted by your proposed program/project *
Describe the elements of your program that are innovative (such as: how the approach is innovative in solving an existing opportunity in the community; newly identified problem; new geography within Weld County that needs the services) *
Describe how success will be measured and evaluated for this project/program. *
Attach budget spreadsheet *

The basic budget spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

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